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      School Profile


      EtonHouse International School in Suzhou opened in 2003 in the Suzhou New District. In September 2008 the school relocated to a brand new, purpose-built campus in the Suzhou Science and Technology Town, with a land area of approximately 3 hectares and a built-in area of 13,800 square metres.

      伊顿苏州国际学校于2003年在苏州新区。 2008年9月学校搬迁到一个全新的、专门的校园在苏州科技城,土地面积约为3公顷,内置的面积13800平方米。

      EtonHouse International School in Suzhou offers state-of-the art facilities with a thoughtfully considered and aesthetically designed learning environment. The environment provides students multitude opportunities for exploration and provocations that support the rich inquiry based learning programme offered at the campus.

      伊顿苏州国际学校提供先进的设施和经过深思熟虑的审美设计的学习环境。 环境提供学生许多机会探索和挑衅,支持丰富的调查建立学习计划提供校园。

      The campus includes excellent sports facilities such as an indoor heated swimming pool, gymnasium, basketball courts, tennis court, a synthetic grass sports field, spacious classrooms, large auditorium, library, excellent art, drama, technology, science and music facilities.

      校园优秀的体育设施包括室内温水游泳池、体育馆、篮球场、网球场、人造草操场,宽敞的教室,大的礼堂,图书馆,优秀的艺术,戏剧,技术,科学和音乐设备。The Early Years


      The early years programme at the Suzhou International School follows the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) curriculum focuses on inquiry based learning where children's ideas, interests and theories form the design of curriculum experiences. It is also inspired by the work undertaken by colleagues working in the world-renowned pre-schools and infant toddler centres in Reggio Emilia, in Northern Italy.

      初期计划在苏州国际学校遵循国际学士学位(IB)小学计划(PYP)课程侧重于调查的基础学习,孩子的想法,兴趣和理论形式的设计课程的经验。 也受到世界知名的幼儿园的工作由同事和婴儿在Reggio Emilia蹒跚学步的中心,在意大利北部。

      Young children at EtonHouse are respected as competent thinkers and communicators who are offered many opportunities to engage with a wide range of materials and resources to extend and challenge their thinking. The outdoor areas have been designed specifically to ensure that children build deep relationships with the natural world and strengthen the concepts of sustainability within the curriculum. Children also have access to a strong and integrated second language programme where the teaching and learning of Mandarin in a relevant environment makes the process natural and effective.

      尊重幼儿在伊顿能力卓越,思想家和传播者提供很多机会参与广泛的材料和资源来扩展和挑战他们的想法。 室外区域已专门设计,以确保儿童建立深度与自然世界的关系,加强课程可持续发展的概念。 孩子也有获得一个强大的和集成的第二语言课程的教学和学习普通话相关环境使得这个过程自然和有效的。

      Primary, Middle and Senior Years


      EtonHouse International School, Suzhou offers a fully integrated primary, middle and senior years programme. The school became a fully authorised International Baccalaureate World School for (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) in May 2008 and Middle Years Programme (MYP) June 2011. The Senior Years programme offers the Advanced Placement International Diploma (AP) or the EtonHouse High School Diploma. The school became a member of the Council of International Schools in 2010.

      伊顿苏州国际学校提供了一个完全集成的主,中级和高级年计划。 学校变成了一个 充分授权 国际学士学位世界学校(IB)小学计划(PYP)2008年5月,2011年6月,中年计划(项目)。 年计划提供了跳级国际高级文凭(美联社)或伊顿高中文凭。 学校成为委员会的一员在2010年的国际学校。

      The International Baccalaureate programme is an internationally recognized programme with very high standards of practice. The PYP programme focuses on the development of the whole child as an inquirer through a framework guided by transdisciplinary themes of global significance.

      国际学士学位项目是一个国际公认的项目具有很高的实践标准。 PYP项目集中在整个儿童的发展作为一个调查者通过跨学科的一个框架引导全球意义的主题。

      The MYP provides a framework of learning, which encourages students to become creative, critical and reflective thinkers. It emphasizes intellectual challenge, encouraging students to make connections between their studies in traditional subjects and to the real world. It fosters the development of skills for communication, intercultural understanding and global engagement, qualities that are essential for life in the 21st century.

      学习的项目提供了一个框架,鼓励学生成为有创造力,关键和反光的思想家。 它强调智力挑战,鼓励学生使他们的研究在传统学科之间的联系和真实的世界。 这对交流培养技能的发展,跨文化理解和全球合作,品质是必不可少的对于生活在21世纪。

      From June 2016, the school has been authorized to offer the IB Diploma programme. Research suggests many benefits to choosing the DP. The programme aims to develop students who have excellent breadth and depth of knowledge – students who flourish physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically.

      从2016年6月,学校已经授权给IB文凭课程。 研究表明选择DP的很多好处。 课程旨在培养学生优秀的知识的广度和深度,蓬勃发展的学生身体、智力、情感和道德。

      The school attracts a diverse multicultural community of staff, students and parents that engages collaboratively in several initiatives to support the school and the community. The wide range of co-curricular activities and learning resources available in the school offer students a wide range of learning opportunities across all domains of development. Students at EtonHouse International School at Suzhou thus develop into skillful, knowledgeable, competent, curious and responsible global citizens.

      学校吸引了不同的多元文化社区的工作人员,学生和家长参与协作的若干举措,支持学校和社区。 课余活动和学习资源的广泛可用的学校为学生提供广泛的学习机会在所有领域的发展。 学生EtonHouse国际学校在苏州发展成熟练的,知识渊博的,主管,好奇的和负责任的全球公民。

      In 2013, EtonHouse International School Suzhou was ranked in China’s 500 Best Elementary Schools, based on an independent study undertaken by China Research Group, a non-profit think tank based in Washington D.C. The schools are assessed on categories such as teachers’ qualifications, facilities and environment, acceptance rate into the world’s best colleges, acceptance rate into Middle High school, support from alumni etc. EtonHouse International School, Suzhou was the only international school from the Jiangsu province in the list.




      EtonHouse Suzhou endeavors to prepare each student for academic and personal success in a global society by promoting a spirit of inquiry, life-long learning and the principles of understanding and respect between individuals.

      伊顿苏州 努力准备每个学生的学术和个人成功的全球社会促进调查的精神、终身学习和个体之间的理解和尊重的原则。



      To provide quality, inquiry based education that allows each learner to reach their full and unique potential within a caring and committed international setting that celebrates its cultural and linguistic diversity.

      提供优质,调查的基础教育,让每一个学习者达到完整的和独特的潜力在相濡以沫的国际背景,庆祝其文化和语言的多样性 。


      天道六步曲服务体系由六大步骤和36项子模块组成,核心内容包括留学理性规划和背景提升、考试个性化辅导、文书创作和学校申请、套磁和面试、签证辅导及后期服务、海内外求职。天道六步曲体系贯穿天道所有服务项目:美国名校本科申请,名校硕士申请,博士奖学金申请,TOP 20 MBA精英申请,英国/加拿大TOP 10申请等。天道六步曲服务体系适合人群:适合现在高一、高二、大一、大二和大三的学生,希望自己未雨绸缪,从根本上提升申请竞争力,从而于毕业之际成功步入世界名校。